Deep Restorative Sleep Guided Imagery Meditation


We have heard it all before that sleep is very important to health. Sleep maintains healthy heart as it reduces the risks high blood pressure and cholesterol. Lack of proper sleep contributes to high levels of the stress hormone that causes inflammation in the body as well as many other conditions that I’m sure you are well aware. In this guided imagery session we will go deep into a state of relaxation that will lead the way to restorative sleep. It is advised that this meditation be practiced when you have at least 7 hours to devote to your rest. The purpose of this guided meditation is sleep so do not feel discouraged if you fall asleep before it is completed. After a few consecutive nights of being led through this meditation you will find that you will fall asleep faster; for being built within your subconscious are signals informing your mind and body that it is time for rest.

Duration: 20 minutes

Guided by Christopher Cisneros-Smith

Second Degree Reiki Practitioner & Holistic Wellness Ambassador

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